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Vacancy for Volunteer in Romania

Coordinating Organization: Eski Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti Gönüllüleri Gençlik Derneği

Themes: Environment, Social exclusion (in general), Youth information, Youth leisure, Youth sports, European awareness, Other
Deadline: 25.02.2014
Start: 05.06.2014
End: 05.06.2015

We are currently looking for volunteers who work on recycling and up-cycling education manager

The day to day tasks of the volunteer will be to
- searching online for recycling and up-cycling techniques and learning these methodologies
- planning weekly workshops on recycling and up-cycling for the 3 age groups, with a schedule for each month in advance so that these workshops are announced properly and all the materials used to recycle and up-cycle are gathered by the community and the hosting organization in due time
- create promotional materials and do campaigns for the region, both on a printed and a digital level
- organize the workshops for the 3 age groups using non formal methods
- creating brochures on the methods and materials created
- organizing periodical exhibitions and bazaar type of events to display and share the created materials
- organizing monthly environmental education activities for the community in order to sensitize them towards living in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way
- organizing other independent workshops and personal activities on environmentalism linked to personal wishes and or other events happening in the region
- doing monthly recycling and up-cycling workshops in the other villages from around Cristuru Secuiesc, if there is an interest for it.
- Other activities which may come up as the activity is developed more concretely

Criteria:People who should be interested in re-cycling and up-cycling and have fluent in English

The candidates who would like to apply for project  have to send their motivation letter and CV  to info@trexevs.org still deadline.

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