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  TREX-EVS is looking for one EVS volunteer to take part in an approved programme in Thessaloniki/Greece! The Non Governmental Organization (NGO) United Societies of Balkans is looking for one Turkish EVS volunteer, 18-30 years old, to participate in an approved program, in Thessaloníki/Greece. Duration: 10 months. The starting and ending date: 05.04.2015-05.01.2016 The activities in which the volunteer will get involved are: • Organize and develop of an e-radio with emphasis on the Balkans and Caucasus and on youth social issues. • organise and develop of a web-tv • Create documentaries with emphasis on social issues and cultural activities of Thessaloniki • Help with the technicalities needed for the e-radio to be operative. • Maintenance of the e-radio through the creation of a playlist based on songs from all Balkan countries, which will be broadcasted on a daily basis. • Organise a team of volunteers which will run the live programme of the e-radio. • Help the local volunteers and participate herself in the recording of the programmes to be broadcasted in the scheduled hours. • Organise, develop and maintenance of an e-journal. The volunteer will be assisted by experienced members of the Hosting Organisation and will be provided with and trained through the necessary technical tools. • Find topics touching upon issues that interest young people and that can lead to a discussion among them through online discussions or written articles that will be uploaded in the e-journal. • Find projects that could promote the activity and disseminate its results. • Participate in approved programmes, so that she will develop more skills and capacities. • Participation in special events and meetings organized by the Project: The volunteer might take part in some events that will be organized by the Project on special dates dedicated in EU or Human Rights. Those events always gather a larger public and offer the chance to promote strongly the work done by the Project. The volunteer will play a central role by bringing to these public events a European dimension and motivate the local youth to participate. Using his creativity, his knowledge from his country and his visions he can find attractive and effective ways to help with the relevant games, presentations, leaflets etc. • Participation in some public events organized by the local authorities. During these events the volunteer will have the opportunity to be with the locals to socialize to practice the language and to get a good tasty of the” Greek spirit” TREX-EVS is the responsible sending organization in Turkey. United Societies of Balkans the organization, which is accredited as hosting, sending and coordinating, is founded and located in 2008, in Thessaloniki/ Greece. Its main goals are related with the human rights, minorities and immigrants, the promotion of non-formal education, voluntarism, inter-cultural dialogue, active citizenship and democracy. For additional information check here: http://www.usbngo.gr/en/ Thessaloniki Thessaloniki is a coastal and busy city, with long history and tradition. It is recognized as a youth center due to the University campuses and the huge number of Erasmus students who are hosted every year. It was, moreover, recently honored with the title of the European Youth Capital for the year 2014! Through the year plenty of festivals, cultural and inter-cultural events and celebrations are taking place where locals, students, visitors and, of course, volunteers are invited to participate. For all those reasons it can be the ideal city for a youth to realize their European Voluntary Service. European Voluntary ServiceAs volunteer in the organization United Societies of Balkans you will have the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment with other motivated youth from all over Europe. You will have the chance to learn about social media and communication, to gain knowledge on issues related to the aims of the organization, which are mentioned above, to express your creativity, to follow an educational program according to your needs and develop your personal project. The organization provides a supportive environment where a variety of skills can be designated. The undertaken duties are supervised by a coordinator and the educational procedure is carefully supported and evaluated. For additional information you can get in touch with our EVS volunteer Maria Brozou via mariabrozou@yahoo.gr To express your interest on this program, please, send your CV and motivation letter, written in english, at: info@trexevs.org until deadline 01.02.2015.

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