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The TUNE Project is ready to welcome young participants!

The TUNE Project (Transnational United Network in Europe) has been designed to empower youth workers from different organizations and countries as well as providing an efficient strategy which includes empowering young people through international partnerships and local capacity building activities.

The project consortium which consists of 18 NGOs from 16 Different countries inclusing Trex-Evs from İzmir,Turkey has been working on planning the information tools and sessions designed to provide information and support for young people and increase their participation in democratic life, promotion of voluntarism and social inclusion with support of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. Please see below for the latest activities realized within the project on the first newsletter:

1st Newsletter TUNE_August 2023

As Trex-Evs, being an active organization especially working with European Solidarity Corps Programme, we value the capacity building of young participants from all backgrounds, so that we will be having local info sessions soon, which will be announced through our channels. So stay “tuned” for local sessions!

Click here for official project website for updates.

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